Mechanical Elevators

Mechanical or traction elevators  or conventional are the classic solution to the problem of vertical movement of persons and loads, in both old and new electromechanical installations.


By combining mechanical elevators with our high developed automation boards, we gain greater capabilities and better functionality. It is the most popular type of lift even today and is ideal for high-traffic buildings and increased cargo needs.

Hydraulic elevators

Hydraulic elevators are elevators  where the energy needed to lift the load comes from an electric pump. They are Ideal choice for detached houses, apartment buildings, offices and shops. The main advantage of hydraulic lifts is their flexibility in locating the engine room and unblocking in the event of a power failure.

Roomless Elevators

Room less elevators do not have a fixed machine room on the top of the hoistway, instead the traction hoisting machine is installed either on the top side wall of the hoistway or on the bottom of the hoistway. This design eliminates the need of a fixed machine room and thus saves much building’s space. Almost all the traction MRL elevators are gearless traction.Most room less elevators are used for low to mid rise buildings. Machine room less elevators in mid-rise buildings usually serves up to 20 floors.


Business premises have specific lift needs, depending on the type of space and the purposes it serves. Industrial centers, warehouses, large parking lots, supermarkets, hospitals, ports and airfields are some examples where professional lifts are vital.

Lifts for disabled people

We install and maintain disabled platforms. We offer you innovative solutions with systems that cater to every requirement for the mobility of people with disabilities. We visit your premises and offer you the best possible technical solution that meets your needs.

Elevators for ships

We offer a range of solutions for the vertical transport of passengers and goods on private and commercial cruise ships, luxury yachts, cargo ships and platforms.


Choose from futuristic, modern, classic or panoramic cabins and create the ideal design with doors and additional cabin components and accessories such as suspended ceilings, floors, linings, handrails, mirrors and hinges.

Elevator Renovating Services

We provide a range of customized and compatible Elevator Renovating Services, ranging from component upgrades and replacements through to full or partial modernization and special solutions.