Since 1967 Zerco undertakes the installation, renovation and maintenance of all types of lifts.
With many years of experience in the field, excellent technical knowledge and fully trained installation and maintenance crews, is here to provide you with:
Information about the correct techno-economical lift option according to your needs
Elevator equipment and technical support.
With the main focus of customer satisfaction and the development of a relationship of trust, we care for a safe, qualitative and tasteful result.

Elevator Study

Our company undertakes the study of all types of lifts, always suggesting the best solution according to the needs and type of building that in which it will be installed.


The electromechanical study is carried out by a mechanical engineer of our company and complies with the standards of elevators. The AutoCAD engineering drawings, as well as the CAD engineering study, represent the installation work performed during the construction of the project. All the designs and studies are carried out with modern computer programs ensuring the detail in the design and accuracy of the engineering calculations of your projects.

Elevator Installation

Our presence of many years in the field of elevators shows the quality and the reliability of our company in the installation work in the lifts we undertake.

The experience and the knowledge we have gained over the years cover absolutely any need that arises to our customers.


Before the installation of the elevator, there is a series of actions proceeded, such as the complete study of the space and its structure in order for the work to be done properly, investigating and resolving any parameter that may create a problem along the way.


We adhere to all safety rules as required by the European directive and the corresponding standards regarding the operation and installation of elevators.

Elevator Maintenance

The regular maintenance of the elevator is compulsory by law and is carried out exclusively by a certified maintenance crew.


Our company is close to you and after the installation of each elevator for its regular maintenance and technical support.


Our specialized staff and the organization of maintenance department are our guarantee for a long term function and your safetyness.


The maintenance is carried out by certified and qualified staff always securing that maintenance is done in the best possible way.


Our technical staff is always at your disposal willing to solve even the most elaborate cases of technical problems that may arise.

Elevator Reparation

Over time, as it is natural, lifts are subject to damage, as all other machinery.


By performing the necessary maintenance of the lift we prevent and delay these damages. In this way we secure their optimum function.


However, in old cases, significant damage and malfunctions are observed, which hinder their smooth performance and endanger the safety of users.


Our company thanks to its many years of experience and expertise and with the best qualified crew is able to resolve any kind of elevator repair for all types both old and new.


Our experienced staff is willing to visit your place free of charge and give solutions that will correspond exclusively to your case.

Elevator Certification

The justification that all elevators are in good condition is certified by an indipendant inspector according to the law.


According to a government source (FEK 2604B/2008), all new elevators installed after the 1/7/1999 have all followed the European Standards.

Elevator upgrade based on present laws

According to current laws, all elevators should be up to date with present laws.


More specifically, all lifts should have all necessary insurance coverage.


Upgrading differs from elevator to elevator, as important role for the amount of work needed are for example:


-The age of the lift

-The type (hydraulic or electronic)

-The dimensions of the cabin and shaft

-The condition of the elevator