Get to know our company

Zerco founded in 1967 by Mr Christos Zervas, electrician, electronic engineer, who previously worked for the German elevator company “STAHL” (today know as “THYSSEN”).

ZERCO has entered the market dynamically due to the advanced technical knowledge which had advanced in Duplex, Triplex lifts, etc.

Is a pure Greek factory for the manufacture and installation of complete elevators. The company produces booths, doors, operating and automation panels, magnetic parking and floor sorting systems, bumpers etc.

It is the first Greek company to install lifts DUMPLEX, TRIPLEX, QUADRUPLEX, with its own automation systems.


In 1987 Zerco was selected for the “INTERNATIONAL GOLDEN CIRCLE” award and in 1990 for the “GOLDEN FIRE” international product and service and in 2017 for the international European Quality Award.


Since 1984, ZERCO has been the first to use PLCcontroller in Greece for solar automation. Despite counterfeit attempts, ZERCO’s SOFTWARE remains unique and unique in the Greek market for its variety of parameters and capabilities. And when MITSUBISHI, the first in the world, announces a truly revolutionary, technological innovation in the construction of solar
Modules (ACVF), in Greece, ZERCO first gives the national present by installing variable frequency solar modules with its converter SIEMENS.